Why Invest With Us?


Your shares are retractable which means that investors have the right to require our Corporation to redeem upon appropriate advance notice and are subject to our redemption fee schedule.


As one of the main characteristics of our model, simplicity is what drives our business. If you are familiar with mortgage solutions and the overall concept of a mortgage, we are here to provide quarterly investment statement and annual statements to keep you well-informed at all times.


Our mortgage solutions rely on geographic diversification. Through our extensive market knowledge and a deep expertise, we manage and have access to a diverse network of brokers to generate opportunities that are not otherwise accessible by other funds.


With our extensive network of mortgage partners, we help you benefit from our qualified mortgage opportunities. This ensures that your portfolio grows and provides a wider selection pool.


We work as a certified mortgage corporation which must meet a set of requirements pursuant to the federal and provincial acts and laws which are related to accountability and auditing. The audit results and financial statement are being published in our Offering Memorandum every year.

Secured By Real Estate

We manage a mortgage portfolio that consists mainly of commercial, residential and construction financing loans that are secured by first or second mortgages (and in some cases third mortgages). .

Long-Term And Reasonable Returns On Real Asset-Based Investments

At Inveloft MIC, we work with a well-diversified mortgage pool that is managed by our professionals and financial industry experts. Our continuous mission is to provide capital preservation with a reasonable return. In addition to this, our value lies in sustainable processes and decisions that are based on experience and expertise.

The Benefits That Inveloft MIC Brings To You
  • Accessible for accredited and non-accredited investors
  • Investing in handpicked Canadian residential and commercial mortgages
  • Highest level of disclosure for clients
  • Years of combined experience in seeing positive returns
  • Bright future of your investment

We are led by a group of financial industry experts who have been in the business for years and have decades of combined experience in banking, mortgage lending, real estate, portfolio management and financial services. Each member of our team provides extensive industry experience and has an extended network of investors and collaborators.

Grow Your Wealth By Investing With Us

At Inveloft MIC, we offer a stable and secure investment opportunity for our investors and flexible mortgage solutions for our borrowers.

For Investors

We offer investors a unique way to access the Canadian mortgage market and the economies of scale, acting as the bridge between investors and long-term growth opportunities.

For Partners

You can work as our partner to diversify your portfolio by adding a fixed income product that is secured by existing real estate. With us, you can get the best return on investment and experience minimum volatility.

For Borrowers

We offer the perfect mortgage solutions for borrowers which are not seen in banks or other conventional mortgage providers. Our mortgages are ideal for borrowers who are seeking private and flexible loans with low risks.

What Our Clients Say About Us

The investing process with Inveloft was very easy, I thought it would be a lot more difficult and time consuming but the team at Inveloft made the procedure seamless from start to finish. They were very knowledgeable in answering any questions that I had on what is a mortgage investment corporation and how it worked. Overall I’m very happy with the investment I made with Inveloft and I look forward to making more investments with them as my funds grow.


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