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Company Profile

Inveloft MIC is among the most aspiring mortgage investment corporations in Canada. Established in 2018, our company is actively filling the lending gap that was caused by stringent government regulations which limit the lending opportunities of most institutions nowadays.

We pride ourselves on lending in major hubs and centers where the stability and liquidity of real estate is high. Our mortgage loan portfolio guarantees high quality and the best rates, considering our flexibility, accountability, speed, creativity and excellent diversification options. Our exceptional customer service makes us the go-to choice for many borrowers that are in need of customized solutions.

From residential to multi-residential and commercial property, we focus on real estate mortgages that are backed by property located in Canada – as well as ones that are compliant to our investment policies. With decades of combined experiences and a proven track record of success, we are continuously achieving our goals and focusing on real estate sectors with the lowest risk profiles.

We are here to take the pain out of investing, especially the one related to unstable and insecure dividends. We work with conservative risk parameters and therefore aim at maximizing income. The results are in form of dividends that are paid to our shareholders through efficient and effective sourcing and managing of our mortgage investments.

Exceptional Risk Management

Inveloft MIC has its own lending and borrowing criteria that comes in addition to the restrictions set by the legislative rules that govern a MIC. We strive to invest only in residential and commercial mortgages as well as other related investments.

When assessing a lending opportunity, we will evaluate the location, quality, market condition, leverage and net operating income of the property as some of our main factors that help us determine if a mortgage investment is suitable for our portfolio.

All of these factors complemented by the potential for capital appreciation and our borrowers’ credit are fully examined. From fraud prevention to valuation, security, duration, liquidity, marketability and geographic diversification, all of our mortgages are secured against real property in Canada.

Your Investment Strategy Is In The Hands Of Our Experts

We focus on markets that are backed by stable economic growth fundamentals and ones that provide little liquidity offered by banks. This creates a gap in the market where Inveloft MIC captures a unique market segment that is not filled by traditional bank lenders.

We are here to offer flexibility, comfort as well as exceptional support on each of our mortgage packages and solutions. Speaking of, every mortgage that is in our hands is secured by all types of real estate located in Canada and in line with our investment policies.

Stability, capital preservation and a steady yield are always in our focus. The result is a low-risk investment that gives you a sustainable future filled with a great return on your investment.

Our Team

Razi Khan
Razi Khan Founder & CEO
Zubair Yamini
Zubair Yamini Director of Originations
Richard Ng
Richard Ng Director of Investments
Utkarsh Patel
Utkarsh Patel IT Director

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