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Now, you can diversify your client’s portfolio and add a fixed income product that is secured by real estate in Canada. Our expertise allows you to get a higher return on investment while doing it with less volatility.

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  • We are here to help you execute the best financing structures that are customized to your needs and compete with the inflexible financing structures offered by many large financial institutions.
  • We are here to show you how our advanced reporting and management obligations can bring you returns for your clients in a transparent way with monthly, quarterly and annual reports.
  • With our vast experience in the field of mortgage lending, we take pride in our management and our access to high quality real estate throughout Ontario, Canada. All of the regions and properties that we focus on offer stable, steady and strong growth of your investment foundation.
  • We are always ready to educate you, inform you and show you how to work with your investors, even if you are starting with a small investment. Thanks to our hands-on approach, we will handle all facets of portfolio administration. From the collection of mortgage payments to the payment of property taxes, maintenance of insurance coverage, mortgage renewals and discharge of the mortgage, we will make sure you know the entire process in detail.

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